Friday, September 28, 2012

New Brighton Super Prestige CX Course Map

Tomorrow! It happens!

If you're the kind of person that's interested, please find a course map, showing Registration, and all those good things, below.

Please respect the Dog Park (to the East of the pool) as we are sharing this space with many park users. If you can warm up on the outskirts of the park, or during times between races, we will very likely be welcomed back to the park. Otherwise, you'll ruin everything and no one wants that.

Parking is copious, though it would be wicked if you could carpool.

If you are interested in setting up a team tent, if you can get in early, and we'll try to help out. Driving on the grass is a no no (don't follow the park vehicles as an example).

Neutral Support will be run by our dear friends at Mighty Riders! Wheels in, wheels out! Provided you're super nice, you might even get a cup of Musette Caffe brewed 49th Parallel.

Prizes have been put together, and with amazing things from Lazer Helmets, like their R2 OD (feels so nice on your head), Topeak pumps, Lizard Skins and Norco. We are also looking forward to presenting the Chrome Winners Jersey to our First Single Speed finisher - a jersey Chrome keeps out of their product catalog and only in the hands of some damn hard racers.

And don't forget, Brodie is slathering our Facebook with their Brodie Pact Frame/Fork giveaway! You keep coming to the CX races, we'll keep your name in the drawing! Yay!

We're stoked and probably not going to sleep a wink. We'll see you in the morning!

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  1. Thanks for putting on the race today. It was a great course and everything seemed to run smoothly from my perspective. Thanks to all the volunteers helping out today and to everyone who helped to plan the race!