Monday, September 3, 2012

Race Report - Fort Langley CX Classic

Ladies and Gents. Thank you.

Fort Langley CX Classic was a huge success. A hot, dusty, rock-laden success; and it's thanks to you. I even got to get my ass kicked by some of the best racers in BC.

Photo by the Amazing Doug Brons (who has more photos here

We had our massive support team from Mighty Riders  out, registering, taping, yelling, bleeding, just for you folks. It's a major boon to an event when the volunteers are way smarter than the organizers. It helps to ply them with Musette coffee...

It's also important to note that this event was well supported by our series partners, Norco Bicycles; Steve showed up with a huge booth, Norco tester bikes (that I totally should have used as a course setup bike) and some incredible swag for winners, including Lazer Helmets and Topeak pumps.

Our dear friend Andrew from Brodie bikes cracked open the swag bag for us, as well as providing some killer finish line flags, so we could figure out where the hell we were supposed to sprint to on that hot dusty gravel. As a reminder, Brodie has ponied up a PACT frame and fork for our VCXC series. Deets on the Facebook Page. He also has no problem with a brandy-handup.

Finally, for a last bit of callout, we were so deeply excited to get Beer Thirst on board for our races this year. they provided us enough beer to go two deep for each category, with beers from Green Flash, Elysian Brewing, Bear Republic and Alameda - check out where you can drink these now that we've given them all away.

For those of you jonesing for results, here are top 5 for each category. I will upload a condensed spreadsheet for full results as I can. These results are being forwarded to Jeff of Vancouver SuperPrestige to be counted towards the series points.

In order of race time:


  1. Brad Issel
  2. Benjamin Schmidt
  3. Brian Reguly
  4. Colin Bell
  5. Dale Rister

Men 3/4:

  1. Troy Neale
  2. Ted Martin
  3. Ryan Cousineau
  4. Warwick Peterson
  5. John Sonnenchein

Open Women:

  1. Mical Dyck - check out her awesome writeup of the race here.
  2. Jean Ann Berkenpass
  3. Kelly Jones
  4. Steph Roorda
  5. Beth Hartsoch
Master 3/4

  1. Shawn Peterson
  2. Regan Pringle
  3. Dan Gronross
  4. Robert Chew
  5. Ray LaChance

Master 1/2

  1. Bob Wellbourn
  2. Kim Steed
  3. Matt Drown
  4. Graeme Martindale
  5. Brad Collins

Single Speed (our first ever, thanks for the guys who came out and crushed!)

  1. Ashley Stotts
  2. Jay Showtime Loder
  3. Robert Airey
  4. Aaron Scally
  5. Scott Sportsman

Men's Elite
  1. Kevin Noiles
  2. Kevin Calhoun
  3. Sven Sturm
  4. Mike Berkenpass
  5. Matt Hornland
There are even more pictures from John Denniston here:

Thanks again to everyone that came out, ate some BBQ and Chili, and check back with Vancouver SuperPrestige to see where you stand throughout the season. The next BC race is Abottsford CX - September 15th -

Also be sure to check back for updated information on our next V.CX.X race New Brighton SuperPrestige on September 29th! It's a double header weekend with WCR/RedTruck Vanier CX on Sunday.

Keep the rubber side down.


  1. Matt and Paul,

    Great race, great atmosphere especially at "Heckler's corner" and you guys rocked with the prizes....and thanks for the kind words in the report. Looking forward to the next one.


  2. DirtyDeedsCX endorses this race and the report. Muddy respect from Oztralia.