Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aldergrove B-Team SuperPrestige CX - November 23rd

November 23rd - Aldergrove B-Team SuperPrestige CX

It's happening. The FINAL race of our 2013 VCXC races, the last Vancouver SuperPrestige Series race and the penultimate lower mainland race before Canadian Cyclocross Nationals Weekend!

You may notice, we changed some start times. We are doing this because we can, and stop asking questions. Remember to tell your friends.

We will be utilizing the Timing System you were privy to at the Pumpkin Cross race. Please be ready to zap strap an RFID tag to your bike. In addition, if you have a pit bike, we can hook you up with a second RFID tag to keep you rolling. You'll need to bring an extra $5 bucks, a beer or some cookies for this.

Finally, you may be asking why the race costs more. Well, folks, you might remember what New Brighton looked like after the race on September 28th. Oddly enough, the course has not yet forgotten. We are raising a little fund to help cover a few costs to this regard. If you Pre-Register, you can save yourself some additional monies. This will help make sure we can run races in Vancouver Parks next year!

We must, as always, thank our volunteers - Aldergrove B-Team SuperPrestige CX will be volunteered by Musette Caffe - make sure to check out their new location in Chinatown!

The race location may look familiar - our friends of Atomic ran a course here! And the fine folks of the EV Spring Series stage from here! A request from the park - pay attention for the Equestrians and try not to park in the front parking lot!

Check out our freaking awesome sponsors. We will have a number of wicked prizes from SHIMANO that you will be automatically entered for based on the number of races you have attended! We will use SPREADSHEETS and MATH combined with random draw! And other day-of give aways, like two incredible Yakima racks from Live To Play. Thanks Steve!

Finally, we have another rad beer sponsor for the event - Parallel 49 will be out with a few prizes for category winners. So excited.

We will be doing callups based on your results from other VCXC races and will be putting together Vancouver SuperPrestige series standings by the end of race day! Come defend your title!


10:30 AM - Citizen Men | Citizen Women | U19 | U17 | U15 | U13
11:40 AM - Open Women | Master Women | 3/4 Men | Master 3/4 Men
1:00 PM - Elite Men | Master 1/2 Men | Single Speedsters

Thanks for your continued support!

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