Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Brighton SuperPrestige CX 2013 Results Posted Online!

Course creator Nick Berry enjoying his own designs.

Folks. It was an awesome day of cyclocross at New Brighton Park in Vancouver.

We weathered the rain storms with our dear friends of Steed Cycles and were out at 6am setting up course. If it weren't for James and his killer spikes, out tents likely would have ended up set up in the Vanier park a day early.

We all have to give a big hand to the volunteers on a crappy day like Saturday was; they come out, sit around, freeze their butts off and then take the whole thing down at the end of the day while you're taking relaxing epson salt baths. So much thanks to Steed, Mighty and those unaffiliated volunteers that just happen to love us that much.

And an additional shout to supporters like Steve Pukesh and the prizes from Norco/Live To Play (Clement Tires, Yakima Racks, Lazer Helmets), Brodie Bikes for the tents, numbers and vehicles, Musette Caffe for volunteer coffee and a place to yell from, R&B Brewing for the prize beer and Shimano for supporting the entire series!

Unfortunately, as an organizer, I get to spend very little time watching the racing, and lots of time running around yelling through a megaphone. So it's really a toss-up.

Anyway, you should really take a look at some of the amazing photos that Scott Roberts took to get the full story.

Results from the event are here: New Brighton SuperPrestige 2013 Results

And more photos from the Flickr can be found here - with photos by Andrew Summers, Steve Pukesh, Asad Masede to name a few.

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