Sunday, July 21, 2013

V_CX_C 2013 Schedule!

I know, I know. Cyclocross. You can't wait. This warm weather, clear sky and incessant road riding is getting you down. It's OK. Fall is coming. Rain, mud, suffering. It will be yours soon enough.

With cycling club volunteers like Mighty Cycling, Steed Cycling and Musette Cycling, these teams will be out in full force at the events, setting up, taking down, shaking hands, kissing babies. Without volunteers, racing wouldn't exist, so please consider coming early and getting your warmup in putting up stakes, setting up tents or doing whatever it is Paul McCloskey yells over a megaphone.

This year promises a full calendar, courtesy of all the Vancouver Superprestige organizers. You can find more here at Cycling BC.

If you are interested in having your team tents or possibly your product tents represented at a VCXC race, please contact us via our Facebook Page - Or if you have any timing equipment, handheld radios, megaphones, laptops or ground stakes you don't need...

Yours in Suffering,

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