Monday, August 20, 2012

categories and times

Ermahgerd, it's almost CX season. I know, I know, you're like "but meat, the summer just got here, I can't be thinking about Flemish Tan Lines". And believe me, I'm revelling in the summer, taking my sweet time away to ride bikes and drink beers (and do secret altitude training). However, it's been put off long enough and it's Business Time, which means we need to hike up our socks and give the people races.

This year brings a new category to V.CX.C events; Single Speed. This is an equipment-based category so bring your fixed gear with knubbies, your Nebraska Corn Cob or just your regular CX bike with the gearing locked out  . They will be starting at 1PM, after the Elites go out, as we all know single speed racers are lazy bums who are busy sleeping off their hangovers. 

Details for each of the events, such as course layout, series points and day-of sponsors will be up at with ample time to decide what kind of tires to mount and convince your significant other to drive you out to the race.

Tell your kids, tell your friends. If you know people new to CX, you should point them towards our dear friend Kevin Noiles, who is running a Cross Clinic: Intro to Cyclocross Racing Clinic . You don't want to head into your first cross race and pull a Joey. If you're in need of a CX bike for it, try touching base with Jay "Showtime" about either his Argon Arsenic 18 or his Jake the Snake Single Speed build ... And yes, he paid me to drop these in here. But not very much.

Stay tuned!

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