Saturday, July 28, 2012

one more time

Welcome to Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition. We are here to make your life muddy. 

Alright; our last little post was a tester, a tease, and now we're getting things done. This year has started out with a slow release of scheduling from the Vancouver cyclocross scene, so here's as much as we can give you right now. We have 2 dates confirmed, more coming. Start marking your schedules. There will be more information as soon as we can provide.

This'll have to do right now

We will be rolling out more information as we can; this also includes a TWITTER (omg) account @v_cx_c which will post smaller updates including day-of race results and other useless crap you probably don't want to hear about.

We encourage you to tell your friends, tell your family, we want Vancouver to remember, CX isn't just a race, it's a lifestyle choice. Come, hang out, bring some camping chairs and replace your pit-bike with a six-pack. You look better when you're relaxed*.

*stolen from Portland geniuses, Team SuperRelax.


  1. Anyone looking for a CX bike? Selling my Argon 18 Arsenic (size m) and my Kona Major Major (56 cm) single speed. Thx Jay

  2. Hey guys, maybe I missed it but do you have a map/location up for this coming Sunday's race?

    1. Yo! We are posting the details today! It's at Aldor Acres in Fort Langley. Check back in a few minutes.

  3. Both this and the facebook page seem to be lacking some important info.

    Apparently there's a race at new brighton on the 29th or something. As someone who's never raced before it would be nice to know where/when to register, and how much it will cost. Also, how much will it cost for a 1 day license.(That's necessary to race in the beginner class, right?)

    Anything else I need to know, or do I just show up with my bike?